Handmade In Newfoundland

Sparkness Returns

New Holographic Hearts for 2021

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MJ x Sailor Danny

Tales of (Down)Town

A collaboration some would say was inevitable, the seafaring painter Sailor Danny has brought his creative genius to a new canvas- Melanie Jacqueline.


The shoe, painted by Sailor Danny, bears the names of downtown streets of St. John’s and sits perfectly on each dress designed and created by MJ. A designer and a painter with a shared love of bright palettes and unique design, it is kind of the perfect storm.

The Newfoundland artists have come together to celebrate the streets we call home; the memories we have made there, the friendships we have grown, the dancing, the traipsing, the adventuring, the traditions, the glamour and even the heartache of it all. At a time when it all seems so far away, MJ and Sailor Danny wished to create something that holds a promise of memories yet to be made, of better days to come.